Stuff on my cat

I already posted this to a facebook album last night, but I figured it would make a lovely Friday blog entry.  I presume you are all familiar with the concept behind "Stuff on my cat."

I was sitting on the couch watching some TV while waiting for a friend to call to go hang out.  My cat came to sit by me, and I got creative.


First I just took a picture of her because she is so darned cute.


But then I figured, why not?  And set the remote on her back.  She didn’t seem to mind.


Next the computer mouse (yes, I like to use a mouse for my laptop, it’s easier.)


Things started to get out of hand here.  After this I attempted the towel with ice pack but the ice pack kept sliding.


And after this I ran out of stuff—I would have had to get up to get more stuff to put on her and if I’d done that she likely would have gotten up.  I feel I did pretty well though!

And now I’m off to play a rehearsal and concert of the Music of Led Zeppelin with the St Louis Symphony :)  What are you doing this weekend?

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