Stuff on my cat

This is my cat.  We call her “Fatty”.  Okay, so it’s not a terribly nice name, but it is an incredibly endearing nickname.  Her given name was “Oistrakh” and she was one of a pair (the other cat, since deceased, was “Heifetz”).  But the name “Oistrakh” proved to be too big for such a sweet kitty, so it never really stuck.

Here is my best attempt at putting “Stuff on my cat“.  As I’m a violinist, you can see my tuner and metronome are there!  My students tend to like my cat–she is usually very friendly and sweet to them, very affectionate, and she is SO soft and furry.  Occasionally she causes a distraction in the lessons, but I think I keep it under control enough…after all, young children need an occasional distraction, right?  The funniest thing about her is that she absolutely hates when I practice.  She doesn’t seem to mind most of my students’ playing, but she hates mine.  I assume it is because either a) she detests violin playing at a professional level or b)on average, when I play, it is much higher and louder than any of my students, and thus hurts her ears more.  In any case, I just wanted to share those pictures–the carpet in the one picture is on the floor in the room where I teach.

I stopped by Target today for a variety of things, and visited “the One Spot”.  For those who aren’t familiar with Target, the One Spot is an area near the front where everything is $1 and is usually just a bunch of cheap junk.  However, for a violin teacher (or perhaps any teacher?) there are often great finds–today I got a bunch of pencils (Toy Story, Hello Kitty, and just random colors) and some stickers.   I loved pencils and stickers as a child, and today’s children do too.

Tomorrow I have two weddings/receptions.  I am playing both with my good friend Ranya, and one with Chris as well, so I’m looking forward to them…as long as the weather holds up!  It looks potentially stormy, and definitely hot.  However, I have learned that an “LBD” is a wonderful item for summer outdoor weddings.  (That’s a “little black dress,” for those of you less inclined to abbreviate things.)  As long as I am out of direct sunlight, I should be fine.