Summer is finally here

I am doing a guest post in September on another blog (I am Meg and so can you) and she wrote a little feature about me the other day in anticipation. Go check it out!

I got my haircut. Looks really different, right?


(I was not wearing makeup. SO BRAVE.)

For reference here’s how it looked before.


I forget why I was so surprised. There was a good reason though, I’m sure.


Seen at Target—that’s pretty much how I am on the phone. I’m so excited that somebody is listening to me that I just talk nonstop until I have something else to do. I mean, I definitely am a good listener and ask questions. Sure.


Speaking of Target, I bought this awesome Owl Shirt and polka dot jeans. How adorable am I? I bet I could pass for 14. Luckily I have the sort of job for which I only have to be dressed, not dressed up. Unless I’m wearing black, and then I have to wear black. So my wardrobe is split between black clothes, purple clothes, and whimsical clothes. With a few cocktail dress and recital gowns. It’s kind of odd—not a traditional “professional” item of clothing anywhere to be seen. Being a musician is the best!

I had to be at a gig this morning at 7 am. It was rough. I need a nap.


The cat doesn’t mind the heat because she is inside and enjoys lying in the sun. Or lying on the floor. Really anywhere she can lie down, that is what she likes best. I think being a cat must be a pretty relaxing life.


Here’s Leslie’s cat, doing a similar thing.


What I like best about this picture is that you can tell Leslie and I are related by the fact that we both take pictures of our cats with our toes in the picture. Obviously that is a genetic thing.

So, I’m having a dilemma. Awhile back I was comped an entry for the Dirty Girl Mud Run (link goes to blog about it, and if you are interested there’s a discount code) which is coming up in like, a week and a half here—September 7. So…I haven’t really been running. Do I suck it up and go anyway or do I bail like I’ve been doing on stuff lately? (Which I’m okay with, I just probably want some people to say either, hey, go do it it’ll be fun, or hey, you’ll probably die.) Or, YOU SUCK AND I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU AREN’T GOING TO RUN A FREE RACE JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVEN’T BEEN RUNNING YOU ARE REALLY LAZY AND I HATE YOU.

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  1. Do the run. From what I’ve heard, it’s like 2 minutes of running and then 10 minutes of waiting at the various muddy areas. So, you don’t really need to be super trained. Or, you could just walk. And it’s free. I hate mud though, so I wouldn’t do it.

    I am the same way about talking, usually while I’m running though. It’s basically my only real adult interaction so I’ve got to fit it all in at one time.
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