Summer Teaching


It’s already been a typical summer week. Lots of students missing, some that I knew about, some that I didn’t know about. It’s not that I even have much more time, because the lessons are spread out, it’s that I’m more bored waiting around and have less money coming in.

Summer is always stressful like that. Will I meet my budget projections…will all of my students quit and never return.

I had a new student yesterday though, who was really fun to teach. I’ve lost a few lately, including a few that I’m really sad about who are moving too far away to continue with me. But I’m trying to stay positive!

I found out that I can take a private lesson at the Retreat for Violin Teachers that I’m going to in July (at Indiana University). At first I thought, I don’t need lessons, then I thought, woo hoo, lesson! And there’s a masterclass, which gave me similar feelings of disgust, dread, and then possible elation. We’ll see how it all goes. In any case, I’m working on the Bach C Major Sonata (unaccompanied) for a recital in the fall and my goal is to have it all memorized and performance ready BEFORE our trip in August. The recital is in early October, which means that if I have it ready then, I’ll take 3 weeks off and then get it all back in time for the recital. Now the Retreat is giving me extra incentive to get at least the fugue fully memorized by then. It’s possible. I’m having a lot of fun practicing it. It’s one of the more difficult pieces I’ve playing recently but I feel like I’m getting a handle on it. (I also fear that if I don’t show a proper fear and respect the piece will attack me.)

Somehow I am running two races this weekend. One is a 5k on Saturday for Domestic Violence Prevention. The other is a mud run on Sunday. I must be crazy!

We’ve been trying to get rid of some things at the house. Mostly cat stuff, it feels like. It’s amazing how many cat supplies one accumulates over the years. We’re keeping the cat carriers and maybe a few litter boxes, but getting rid of everything else. (You never know when somebody will have an emergency kitty that needs a home…the fatness fell into my life that way and I assume my next cat will too, but not yet.) It’s sad.

Things are different without cats. In some ways, it’s nice. You can shut doors without worrying about whether a cat has snuck in. You can leave something on the floor without worrying whether a cat will pee on it. No cats are around to steal your ponytail holders or knock your glasses on the floor from the nightstand. No cats getting in the way while you are reading or trying to use the computer.

But they are missed. No snuggles from a tiny warm creature, who acts like she doesn’t care. Sigh.

Anyway, there’s plenty of blogging to look for: still have to tell you about the Grand Canyon trip and I will, I promise, there are just so many pictures to deal with…and we took an epic hike up and around Bell Mountain.

But for now, I must go for a run, do laundry, practice, and teach. How is your summer going so far?