Sunday Funday

Just fyi, I’m going to wait until the end of the month (Tuesday) to recap my whole month of thankfulness.  And then perhaps I’ll launch another great plan for December—it’s been wonderful reminding myself of how many wonderful people, places, and things I have in my life.  What are some other monthly projects I could do?

Today:  spinning class with a friend, long run (well, we’ll see how the legs feel after spinning, but you do what you gotta do), then cookie swap party.  Last day of Thanksgiving vacation, let’s make the most of it!  And hopefully burn a few more calories Smile

This week:  Child of God students perform at Grandparents Day, lots of teaching, wedding, a couple of church jobs, more Bikram yoga, several workouts with Mike, lots of running.  And maybe we’ll get the tree this week and decorate (hopefully!).  I love decorating for Christmas.



The plan for Grandparents Day!  As usual, I shall be performing on the piano.

Okay, let’s see how the day goes—lots of fun activities ahead, can’t wait to see all the cookies people made. 

Readers:  let’s hear from you—what are your favorite Christmas cookies?  Also, any ideas of good monthly projects I could do, i.e. the Month of Thankfulness, or something totally different?