Sunday night blues

Okay, I’m a BIT dramatic.  You all know that already.  I had a glorious weekend, and now I’m exhausted, sore, and plan to spend the night at home making dinner, watching a movie, helping with the laundry (I have a ridiculously awesome laundry situation), and perhaps dyeing my hair.  So there’s no real “blues” happening…especially since this week is pretty darned easy, and I no longer work Monday mornings.

*cue blues music*


*turns off blues music*

It’s just that the weather today is SO beautiful, and I’m worried it’s going to go away.  Maybe I should check.



Hmm…that doesn’t look GREAT, though at least the temperatures are reasonable.  I probably shouldn’t have looked.

Okay, so how WAS my weekend?  It was great.  I’ll share some random pictures and later I’ll tell you about St. Louis Brewers Heritage Festival, okay? (Later, as in, another blog post)

IMG_0017 IMG_0019

IMG_0023 IMG_0027

IMG_0031 IMG_0036

In a nutshell this has been my weekend (in case you are behind on my blog, or we haven’t talked recently, heaven forbid!):

Thursday:  Hot Concert  (aka Chamber Project St Louis concert followed by the Three Monkeys)

Friday:  Klinghoffer (aka afternoon opera, teaching, dinner at Basil Spice and drinks at Frazer’s and Yemanja Brasil)

Saturday:  Two weddings, St Louis BrewFest, party in the backyard with the new upstairs neighbors.

Sunday:  Run around Forest Park (so EASY in this delightful weather), Recital at St Louis Ballet School (students played GREAT!), gym workout, and now doing stuff at home.  Just got “True Grit” for the tivo…anybody seen that?

What are you doing tonight to regroup?  I love having easy Sunday nights at home sometimes.