Sunday night blues

Okay, I’m ready for Monday morning now.  I was moping around a few hours ago feeling that “end of weekend” blues, but now I’ve packed my lunch, prepared the coffee maker, reviewed my lesson plans, and decided (mostly) what to wear tomorrow.  I’m ready to face the children!

A few weeks ago I was SO excited to start my new jobs, now I’m working hard to get energized for tomorrow.  I have a list of activities I want to do, and I’m hoping to get through at least some of them…there is one student in particular who tries to derail the class, and I am having difficulty figuring out how to deal with him.

I suppose I’m actually pretty stressed due to my upcoming half marathon (will be walking half or so!)–it’s one week from today.  I’ve never run in a race before, so I’m a bit nervous about all the actual race details in addition to the actual running of the race.  I hope I do okay and make it through!

I’m also stressed because Chris is taking an audition tomorrow.  He’s been working hard for it, but auditions are always such a crapshoot (trying to be in an orchestra is the most difficult thing to do).  I hate that I am really busy all day tomorrow and won’t have a chance to talk to him until evening.  Not that it would be better to sit around stressing and having nothing to do, but I would feel more supportive somehow!  I know I’m being ridiculous.

Usually writing my blog entry makes me feel better and organizes my head, but not tonight.  I guess my brain is just a jumble due to the stress–this is actually my third try tonight.   They say third time’s the charm?

Readers:  I always welcome more ideas on how to encourage/make students practice.  I need to communicate with the parents (these are my class students, not my private) more about the importance of home practice.  I made the mistake of assuming that the returning students had a practice routine, and that was a big mistake on my part.  When will I learn?