Sunny Day (or the blog post in which I used too many parentheses)

Another gorgeous day!  I’d love to go out for a run, except for, well, firstly, my hamstrings are KILLING me (I can barely walk) and secondly, I have 4 hours of teaching ahead of me…

How weird am I?  “I’d love to go out for a run”.  Seriously.  It’s not even that I truly enjoy running (though I do love the awesome feeling after a great run or race…not so much the feeling after a crappy run, or say, Sunday’s race) but that I want to get better at running (competitive spirit) and I know the more I run, the faster I will get.  I am tired of being slow and pokey.  Also, I’m enjoying my current tan arms from the past two weekends of running, and exercising outside means guilt-free tanning.


It’s almost Friday!  Tomorrow night I am getting together with some friends at Bailey’s Chocolate Bar (ostensibly a girls’ night out, which I am much in need of).  Chocolate plus martinis…my favorite combination (perhaps yet another reason I keep not losing weight.)  No concert for me this weekend—I need an SLSO break for awhile.


Sunday is two gigs, one an outdoor service at the World’s Fair Pavilion.  Home of the world’s hottest wedding (aka, my hairdresser’s wedding) last July.  I hope that Sunday is nice enough (not too cold, not too hot, not ridiculously humid.)  Then it’s a Palm Sunday evening service.  Holy week is almost here.

Next week should be a little easier as one of my schools is on Spring Break (in fact, today was the last day for me before their break.)  Perhaps I’ll be able to get in a couple additional runs…

Which brings us full circle today.  Oh, and I should add that the cat is sitting in the sun, in the window, yelling at something outside.  Rough life!