Sunny Day

Today is the second sunny day in a row!  Unfortunately my current schedule is such that I am barely able to function, much less spend any quality time outside.  Okay, it’s not THAT bad but I am too busy to go for a run or anything without waking up way too early (for me).  Besides which Chris pointed out that it IS a little strange to not be able to walk properly for close to a month now and maybe I need to rest a bit more. 

Primarily this week (it seems) I’ve been sitting around feeling sorry for myself.  One of my students yesterday asked if I had gotten any better at Mario Kart Wii—we had discussed my general lack of video game skill.  This gave me an excellent opportunity to tell him about the break-in.  He was confused why somebody would do that (a sign of a fantastic kid!) and seemed flustered.  FYI:  this is the student who asked earlier about the race picture, and did I win.  He is also a fantastic violin student.  Soon I plan to teach him vibrato and I am banking on the John Kendall step 1:  First ask the student to play vibrato—they may just be able to working out really well.

We actually did some wedding planning last night.  We’re now looking at the first week in January.  It means another year of filing my taxes as single, but that’s probably okay.  We actually sent emails to a couple of venues to maybe check them out over the weekend.  I have to try to remain calm through this process, as I have not been dealing with stress very well lately.  I may have had a couple of freak outs this week which ended in me curled up in a ball sobbing.  Perhaps the robbery IS affecting me.  I’ve also been starting to freak out about my impending 33rd birthday…I guess my 30th is finally catching up on me.  Am I going to look like an old bride?? 

Okay, sorry for the maudlin-ness of this post.  Let me leave you on a happier note.


We watched Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom the other night.  Harrison Ford proved it is most definitely NOT necessary to have a “six-pack” in order to be ridiculously good looking without a shirt on.  That’s a PSA for all of you men out there:  don’t worry about your abs too much.  Instead work hard studying archaeology and practice your combat skills.