Taco Bell Fitness Course

My friend Vanessa wanted to run at Jefferson Barracks Park today.  She used to live in that area and thought it would be a fun run.  It was a tough run, all uphill or downhill it seemed.  We ran the loop twice for 5 miles and it was a fantastic workout.  There was a part where we overlooked the Mississippi River.  (The MIGHTY MISSISSIPPI!)

Here’s what made this truly blog-worthy.



Yes.  We ran on the Taco Bell Fitness Course.  Originally I read that second part as "Commemorating the Great Flood of Taco Bell." (Please ignore my giant concave belly button.  What’s up with that, seriously?  I mean, you can see the outline of my rib cage, but also my belly button and fat.  I’m confused.)


I will be back!  How can I resist the Taco Bell Fitness Course???

30 days of Thanksgiving:  I’m thankful for running friends who push me to do more than I could by myself. 

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