Talking to myself

Sometimes I blog just to post pictures or talk to myself on the internet.

It’s easy to feel like life is just a series of bad events strung together with a few good things happening in between.  Yesterday was one of those bad events—my grandmother was in an accident and I am awaiting word on how she is doing.  Sometimes it’s hard being so far away from family.

To distract myself from worrying and kill a little time before my next appointment, here are some pictures from my phone that I haven’t shared with you yet.


Ninja socks!  I wore these to the gym on Monday.  Nobody even SAW me.  (Actually not true.   I got a lot of stares.  More than the usual due to my good looks 😉 )


The school I teach at has a new snazzy brochure (and website)! It looks really great, and has some pictures taken by none other than Sarah Crowder on the inside.  We are all working hard to make the school an awesome place to take lessons.


One of my students brought me an amazing gift—a wallet made out of duct tape.  I was so delighted!  If I gave grades in violin, she would totally be getting an “A”.  (Okay, she’d be getting one anyway because she works hard, but still, if gift-giving affected grades, and if I gave grades…what I’m saying is that her thoughtfulness helped me feel a little better on a bad day.)

If you haven’t read my post from yesterday about the Symphony’s European Tour, you should, it’s a good one.

And please keep my grandmother and my family in your thoughts and prayers.

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