Tax Day

Tax day is traditionally an awful day for freelance musicians.  Not because we are bad at math or stupid (though that doesn’t help), but because we generally don’t get taxes taken out of our pay throughout the year.  (It usually takes us awhile to figure out that we should have been paying quarterly taxes.)  The other problem is that we TEND to not keep very good track of what money we have made (and spent!)–it’s easy to lose track if you don’t write stuff down, and we ARE musicians, you know, flighty and such.  However, I got my taxes done last week, so today I am just sitting pretty, and glad to not be panicking.

The weather this week is fantastic, and I just bought a new pair of running shoes yesterday.  I notice that many of my “facebook friends” have been training for marathons, half marathons and the like.  That’s not really my style (am more of the lazy sort), but it seems like such a cool thing.  I started thinking about it when I learned one gets a medal for finishing these races.  I haven’t gotten medals since Science Olympiad in middle school.  A few years ago  I was talking with my youngest sister Carrie about some award she had won in school, and after a few minutes, she says, “so have you won any awards lately?”  I don’t know if she was being snarky or trying to be polite, since adults tend not to win awards (nor have award opportunities, sadly), it was pretty funny.  So perhaps a racing medal, or a Nobel Prize would be a worthy goal.

I am excited for my gig on Sunday- Trans-Siberian Orchestra!  I have known many people who have played this gig, but I never have.  UNTIL NOW.  Wish me luck!  I also will be playing with the Quincy Symphony and a wedding…busy times indeed.