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I haven’t written much about my running and working out lately, have I?  That doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing it, it just means I haven’t felt much like writing too much about it.  First off, because I feel like I’m terrible at it right now!  I took two weeks off running over the honeymoon, and only lifted some weights on the cruise.  I’ve gained five pounds since the wedding (and 8 to 10 since Thanksgiving) so I feel clunky and out of sorts.  Basically I haven’t been terribly happy with my fitness or my body…but I’m working towards changing that now.  I’m giving myself a month to get back to where I want to be, which is plenty to get back on track.

One fun thing I did for my running this year was join a team.  It’s a team for women called Team Tough Chik.  This way when I feel lousy about myself I have some support, and the team is for runners and athletes of all levels (including clunky, like me!) Oh, and there is a team shirt involved which I don’t have yet but will.  And free stuff!

I’m currently officially training for the Go! St Louis Half Marathon in April, but in between I’m doing a couple of trail races (including the Castlewood Cup), the Alton Half Marathon, and anything else that comes up that somebody else would like to do (friends, always up for suggestions!).  The best way I know to get my butt out the door running is to think of how I want to improve my times on the races. 

Another thing I’ve been working with mentally is the comparison trap.  I’m so guilty of comparing myself to other runners, especially my friends.  I need to remind myself that taking a walk break and then running again is NOT considered a failure.  What’s important is running again, not giving up.  It is okay that I am slower than everybody I know (or it certainly seems that way) because what is important is that I am out there running and improving.  But then somebody will say something (either on purpose or inadvertently) that makes me feel like I’m not a real runner and I feel bad about myself all over again. 


Team Tough Chik helps with that!  We have a facebook group too, and it’s not all gross nauseating inspiring stuff, but sometimes it’s just nice to know that other people feel like you do. 

Losing a few pounds will help too…I finally broke down and bought two new pairs of pants to wear in the meantime until I fit back into my jeans.  I talked with another friend who got married six weeks before we did and she said she’s gained 5 pounds too—which made me feel better, because she doesn’t look it, and because I felt like perhaps that was normal.  Darn you, cruise food!

I have to remember when I run, that I need to do it my way, not somebody else’s way.  That’s what will help me run better and happier!


Oh, and in the air! 

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  1. If it makes you feel any better, I think of people like you as the real runners, and myself as not-quite. Maybe it’s just human nature…

    I’m guessing you’ll feel better about it as you get back into your routine. And the team sounds really cool!

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