Temporarily single

No, no, I’m still engaged.  It’s just that Chris is at a music festival for a few weeks so I’m on my own here.

And…I am definitely not on my own.  I’ve been busy every night with friends!  In fact, I think my friends are asking me to hang out much more since they know I’m on my own.  I’m a lucky lady 🙂

Last night I met up with friends at Ernesto’s Wine Bar in Benton Park.  I’m learning that Benton Park is packed with little hidden places.  We were there to partake in the Yelp eats week.


Everything on this menu was 50% off regular price.  I had the shrimp, the flatbread, and the chocolate cake.  We also split a couple bottles of wine.


Adrianne and Kim


Me and Jen

Another woman, Katie, met us, but the picture I took of her didn’t turn out very well.  Next time!


Our wine, very tasty!  The wine was on special as well.  Overall the meal was great.  The restaurant was pretty empty though things were picking up more by the time we left.  I also hear there is a patio, but we sat inside.

So then today:  a day off from work (yes, most days seem to be that lately, don’t hate me.).  Mike wanted to do a workout outside, so we met up at Tilles Park.  He’s been itching to wear his 80’s costume again, and I would totally have done so, but that major parts of my costume were borrowed.

So…today he wore the costume.  At the playground.  There were some children around.  It was only a little awkward.  He also brought a variety of weights, a mat, and a boombox.  Okay, I made that up.  He did bring an ipod speaker system so we’d have music during the workout.  I meant to take a picture, but I completely forgot. *recycled pictures ahead*



He wore those shorts and that top, a different headband, and chuck taylors, or converse all-stars as many call them.  It was delightful.  I simply wore the same outfit I had last time I saw him, which is something I plan to keep up as long as possible.  Or not.  Maybe I’ll see if I can find some leg warmers to keep…anybody have any to donate to the cause?