Who used to watch Full House?  It was the highlight of the week, right?

The concert last night went well!  I was very crabby because it was freezing in the Chapel, and I don’t like the cold.  I also don’t like the heat.  Call me a first world girl, but I love temperatures between 68 and 75 or so…especially 72.  My feet and hands get cold fast and take forever to warm up, so that makes it particularly challenging to play (hands, not feet.)

We repeat the program tonight at the Tavern of Fine Arts at 8 pm.  If you are looking for a relaxing activity for the evening, come out and hear us play!  (Chamber Project St Louis)

Mike said I was acting like an 82 year old woman in our workout this morning.  I was crabby and kept complaining that the weights were heavy (they totally were heavy, darned weights).  I was also tired.  I told him I needed to act 82 on occasion to average out the days I act like I’m 5 years old.  Besides which, he should know by now that Friday is my whiny workout day.  I’m usually tired, and often annoyed by the whole “Friday” mentality everybody gets except as a musician I usually have two more solid days of work until Monday morning (my weekend!).  (Yes, I’m still crabby.)

So today’s crabbiness certainly makes the 30 days of Thanksgiving a bit tougher.  Perhaps more important though?  What I am thankful for today?

I’m thankful because:  the sun is shining!  It’s cool but sunny.  Perfect running weather (and is supposed to stay all weekend, Sunday forecast is 68 and sunny!).  Some of you may recall I have one more half marathon to run this fall, and it’s on Sunday.  I’m looking forward to stuffing my face afterwards.

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