Thanksgiving Day

I woke up early on Thanksgiving to do the Chesterfield 11th Annual Turkey Trot (5k race).  The race started at 8:30 am so I wanted to get there in plenty of time.


It was pretty cold, so I wore my new workout skirt (ha!) and a long sleeve tee I bought myself in honor of the upcoming Phoenix Half-marathon.

I was cold and tired, and I should have wore a hat or something over my ears!  By the time the race started, my ears were freezing.  In any case, I ran pretty well—it was a crowded course and pretty boring (around a mall), but I kept going pretty well.  I actually thought I would break my last time, but I guess due to the cold and drizzle I wasn’t moving as fast as I thought.  My next race won’t be until mid-December so I’ll have a bit more time in between to train.  And then nothing until the half-marathon in Phoenix, yay!

Results: 32:17, 1269 of 2347, 76 of 172 in my age group (30-34)

Okay, race done, off to eat!

The night before I made my pies and upside down cake.



Pumpkin Pie, Sour Cream Apple Pie, and Cranberry Upside-down Cake.

It was raining pretty hard when it was time to load up the car, so that was annoying.  We headed over to our friends’ house (Laura and Jon) around 11 am.  Chris was making the turkey.

The menu:

Turkey and Gravy

Classic Cranberry Sauce

Grand Marnier Cranberry Relish

Potato Fennel Gratin

Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes

Spicy Cornbread Stuffing

Parmesan Broccoli

Mustard Cauliflower with Lemon Butter

Maple Roasted Squash

Martha’s Mac and Cheese


Yes.  It was ridiculous!  Also, of course, appetizers, dessert, and wine.  The rest of the people came over around 3:00, and we probably ate dinner at 5:30 or so.  The food was fantastic!  (My friend Laura is a tremendous cook).



A sampling of the day’s activities, and my dinner plate.  We cooked, played wii, ate, and talked.  Some people watched football (I did not.)

It also snowed a bit in the afternoon!  Our first snow of the season.  Very pretty!

Okay, one last picture of the pies…and a topping for the pies…


I hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!  It was great to spend the day with good friends.  I am thankful to have so many wonderful people in my life!