Thanksgivings 2004 and 2005

Okay, I perused my snapfish account for more Thanksgiving pictures.  I found nothing from 2004, but then I remembered:  I went to Miami Beach to visit Chris at New World over Thanksgiving 2004.  I was living in Cleveland at the time and he was in Miami Beach playing with the New World Symphony.  We ate out Thanksgiving!  The first and (hopefully) last time we do that.  I do remember it was pretty tasty, and we didn’t spend that much money (I believe it was under $20 because we were cheap and poor then.)  Now I spend that much just on Thanksgiving dessert materials!  My, how times have changed.

I found some pictures labeled Thanksgiving 2005 but I can’t really recall the details.  It seems I went to visit family at Laurelville (a retreat my dad’s side of the family often goes to—it’s in Pennsylvania, easy driving distance from Cleveland and it is rather rustic.)  I vaguely recall this—this must have been Leslie’s first year in Phoenix, because she wasn’t with us.  Chris wasn’t with me either—he might have been in San Diego at the time.  It was my grandmother’s 80th birthday though, and I remember the cake tasted fantastic!  It was filled with raspberry and was delicious.  It’s funny the things that stick in your head…

My brother’s girlfriend, Yuchu, gave my grandmother a giant Nestle bar (she worked for the company at the time.)  I think Grandma was a bit overwhelmed by the size of it.

This is captioned “Chelsea and Carrie at Bell’s Steakhouse.”  Chelsea is a cousin, Carrie is my sister.

My parents!

My cousin Sarah and I.  Sarah is now married and lives in Cambridge, England.  You can see all sorts of family members in the background, including my grandmother again.

So that’s two more years of Thanksgivings!  It’s amazing how few pictures I used to take 🙂  And then I would sometimes wait for months to develop them (or perhaps finish the roll?).  It’s also amazing how I still have basically the same hair do…does that mean my hairstyle is classic or dated?  Or boring?

Don’t answer that.  I’ve gotten enough input on the great makeup debate, I don’t need a hair debate 😉

30 days of Thanksgiving:  I’m thankful for online photo sites because scanning pictures into the computer is a pain.  I’m also thankful I have a scanner.  In case I left out a day recently…I’m thankful for filled cake.  I can’t wait to taste our wedding cake!