The Best is STILL Yet to Come

I know everybody is the same, but I hate taking down the tree and the Christmas decorations.  We have to dispose of the tree today and I spent what seemed like forever (15 minutes, omg!) taking the ornaments off and lovingly putting them away (wrapping a few in tissue paper, piling the rest haphazardly in the box) for next year.  I used to get really sad about Christmas being over, but this year I’m not feeling that.  I’m excited for the next few months, excited for our upcoming anniversary and anniversary trip, and nervous about the hard work I’ll be putting in the next few months, both work wise (lots of violin about to start happening), marathon training, and of course, blogging.


(more self portraits at gigs?)

In other words, I’m looking forward to the New Year and am taking today easy to regroup, pack, and mentally prepare myself for what is ahead.


(And watching some Indiana Jones!)

I haven’t made any resolutions as I’m already pretty awesome, but that doesn’t mean I’m not continually trying to better myself.


(I am already pretty awesome though!  And I spent about 20 to 30 minutes on my hair for once and loved it.  I still had a few bobby pins in my head this morning.)

My friends are awesome too—and BEAUTIFUL.  We girls decided to dress up all fancy-like for the party (that’s why the women are pictured but not necessarily the men, who were primarily wearing jeans and button down shirts.)

Stephanie—a fantastic hostess for the party last night, me, Jennedy—who just got engaged, and of course, the one, the only, Vanessa.

New friends and old!  Carrie, Michelle, Vanessa, me, and Christy.

With Michelle, just about to officially toast the New Year!


I cut my foot with my other shoe heel.  It looks worse than it felt.  I love these shoes though!

Photo: Chris Tantillo is very serious about his gin.

Chris doesn’t like to take normal pictures, but he’s happy to make a ridiculous pose!


Case in point!  That’s Bryan, Chris, Jessica, and Kyle (who just got engaged to Jennedy, pictured above.)

Oh—and we’ve got this bit of cake on top of the fridge thawing.  Wonder how it’s going to taste, one year later 😉


I was rereading this post from last year “The Best is Yet to Come.”  I think the title continues to ring true.  I hope I never get to the point where I feel my best stuff is behind me.

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