The best laid plans

I’m a planner.  I live and die by my calendar.  It’s absolutely necessary since I’m a freelancer.  I have to know where I am working and when, and can I get from one thing to the next in time.  I also plan out my workouts and my running.  I plan my social engagements.  I plan when to run errands.  But with all good plans, sometimes everything changes, and it’s amazing how quickly one can adjust.

Today was my birthday.  It was GREAT.  I went to Target and bought some new shorts and a running skirt.  The skirt has pink shorts under it.  I wanted to get a pink one instead but they didn’t have one in my size.  Oh well.  Next time.


I went grocery shopping.  I talked with my sisters, my parents, my in-laws, and my grandmother on the phone. 

I ate leftover pizza.


The plan for the evening was to go for an early dinner at Herbie’s with Chris before he had to work, and then to hang out with a bunch of friends afterwards.

That all changed around 4:30 when I got a call to play Sweeney Todd with the symphony at 8 pm.  The personnel manager said, I know it’s your birthday, but would you be available?  I thought about it for five minutes, because I had plans with my friends, and because it was my birthday.  I tried to call Chris for his input but he was occupied.  And then I realized, yes, of course, plans can change, and this is more important, because it’s not just about the money.  I felt bad for ditching my friends, but I doubt a single one of them would have done it differently…

Chris and I stuck with our early dinner plans.


At dinner.




Me again!


Scallops, SO good.


And fritters for dessert.  These were filled with dark chocolate and incredibly decadent.  I would have had the cheesecake, but I had to sit in the pit for three hours, so less dairy seemed wise.  The chowder was already a risk 😉

Then we headed to work together. Sweeney Todd was great.  I’d hate to wish illness on anyone, but let’s keep our fingers crossed I get called to play again before the season is out. 

And then we came home to relax.  Even though my evening wasn’t quite what I planned, it turned out to be a fantastic day.


(on my facebook profile from my friend Sarah.  I don’t speak french so I don’t understand, but it’s a fat cat wearing a hat.  I love it more than anything.)

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