The great makeup debate!


Everybody is weighing in on my makeup pictures 🙂  I notice no one has mentioned my hair… (please don’t.)

To put things in perspective, I did this myself (and this photo is edited already, by the wonderful Sarah Crowder).  I’m wearing what I considered to be a ton of eyeliner, and it basically disappears.  Now, Chris isn’t wearing any makeup, and honestly, I think his eyelashes and lips disappear (yes, but would I want to marry him if he wore makeup…hrrmmm…).

It’s amazing how many different opinions people have!  What that means (to me) is that I can’t lose.

Next question:  Should I wear a veil or not?  I have a little hairpiece that came with my dress.  Are you married?  Did you wear a veil?  Do you have pictures to share with me?  (You can email!)  Also pictures of you and your makeup are welcome!

Remember how the other week we ate dinner at our rehearsal dinner venue?  It was delicious.  We learned today that they changed their menu, and neither of the entrees we tried (and loved) are available anymore!  Hopefully the new menu will be as good…we were initially disappointed, but ultimately I’m sure it’ll be wonderful.

Do you like bacon?  Do you like peanut brittle?  Click here for bacon peanut brittle!

30 days of Thanksgiving:  (did I already do this today?  I can’t be bothered to check—I should stop posting twice a day, huh?):  I’m thankful that tomorrow is Friday and I have a facial AND a Twilight mini-marathon planned (with friends!) after work.  We are going to watch the 1st and 3rd movies.

7 thoughts on “The great makeup debate!”

  1. I did my own makeup for my wedding because I wanted to look like myself in pictures, which I think I did. I also wore a veil during the ceremony, but I like the pictures better without it on. I can link or email pics if you want…

  2. Hannah – forget the veil and the hairpiece thing. When you were the flower girl in our wedding back in the 80s I wore a cooooooooool hat that I would be happy to let you borrow. : ) I’m sure Chris would be impressed!

    1. I was JUST thinking about that today! I have a picture on my mantel of me and Leslie on your wedding day and I was thinking to myself, didn’t Amy wear a hat?? That’s so funny!

  3. i wore a veil just for the ceremony and pictures, then took it off for the reception. i loved it esp since my gma insisted on buying it for me ($300! veils are freaking expensive!), but did not like hugging everyone after the ceremony bc every single person accidentally yanked on it each time! 🙂

    i also had my makeup done and i’m glad i did–i don’t feel like you can tell that i’m wearing a ton, but it’s still noticeable in pictures. she definitely gave me a natural look.

  4. Veils are SO pricey (at least, according to Say Yes to the Dress) but, I’ll admit, I think they look gorgeous and are the difference between bridal and just beautiful. Maybe that makes me old fashioned. But, if veils aren’t your thing, might I suggest wearing a bit of that bacon brittle atop your head for periodic snacking?

  5. Hello Hannah! I miss you! And my two cents worth…I would go with a veil (because I am rather old-fashioned): you only get married once, may as well go all out, right? 🙂 Are you crafty? Because I have heard of people making their own veils, but that could be a little scary (not sure if I would attempt it or not)…

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