The heat, my god, the heat

I went for a run a little bit ago.


Why would have the option to "love" or "ugh!" the weather.  Seriously.  Not everything in life needs to be interactive or a poll.  (Agree or disagree?  Vote in the comments!)  The other day I saw you could sign up for a text message if it started raining.  I may be old-fashioned, but LOOK OUT THE WINDOW.  And…if you don’t have a window to look out, that means you are inside, and that is okay if it is raining because YOU ARE INSIDE.  Or ask Siri (ugh, those commercials make so stabby.)

Okay, sorry, I’m evidently feeling very "get off my lawn" this morning.  I actually came here to gloat about my run.  It wasn’t pretty, but I went out there and I did it, and I channeled my inner awesome-ness and reminded myself that last summer I didn’t let the heat and humidity get me down—and I’m not going to let the heat and humidity get me down this summer either.  I’m ready to get back to running, to get better at running, and to feel a little more comfortable running with just a sports bra and shorts…I did it today anyway, but I felt a bit self-conscious at times.  That may have just been last night’s delicious veal marsala at Trattoria Marcella, actually.  Mmmmmm… (sorry I’m not sorry to my more ethical readers…)

photo (26)photo (27) 


I usually post more flattering pictures of myself, but I thought I’d post a post run picture, so you can tell I really went.  Also, now you can recognize me at the gym—that’s how I look during a workout.  I have a hard time taking a picture of myself with the iPhone—I don’t know where to look, evidently. 

I’m looking for fun races to do this summer—anybody doing anything cool?  I’m also thinking about fall half marathons, and maybe this one in February, if I haven’t spent enough money flying to Phoenix by then.  It looks pretty awesome, and Leslie is thinking about it as well (not sure if she is thinking half or marathon, but either way.)

Ooh, and a sneak peek from our group photo shot last weekend.  Pictures were done by Kelly Richardson (I searched the internet for a website or something, but couldn’t find anything for her.)


I was thinking the other day that maybe I needed to whiten my teeth.  I’m thinking…no…

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      1. Fact: I never get your post comment replies. The only reason I saw this one is I still had the browser window open. Every other comment reply you have posted, I have missed.

  1. i love trattoria marcella…its on our street and yet we’ve only been there once!

    i ran this morning and it was brutal…but i’ll still take this over winter!

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