The opposite of nostalgia

As you all know, I’ve been doing a lot of playing (violin) lately.  Wednesday night before the opera started I realized that there was something wrong with my right shoulder…kind of the same wrong that there was approximately a year ago.  By Thursday morning I knew it was the same thing, so unlike last year, when I ignored it for awhile until it got REALLY bad, I decided to go ahead and start with the rest and ice.  Of course, I’ve got to finish this opera and today I have a lot of weddings, but other than that (ha!) I’m not making the exact same mistakes. 

I still haven’t gone to the doctor.  I know some people will recommend that, but I have the exact same hesitations as before.  You know, stubborn and convinced I know what is best for me, plus cheap, and presuming aside from surgery there is nothing that can really be done beyond rest and ice.  And as Mike put in, as much ibuprofen as I can stomach.  (He qualified that statement by saying, I’m not a doctor so don’t necessarily take my advice.)


But I’m not letting it get me down. I’ve been down enough since mid-to-late-February, and a little forced respite isn’t going to bother me. There’s some other big news that’s happening (I am going to be one of those annoying bloggers who hints at things they can’t say, but I can’t say right now, not for a month) that will mean some changes (job-wise, no, I’m not pregnant, because I re-read and saw that if you were obsessed with whether or not I were having a baby you would assume I meant that).  It’s the fun of being a freelancer!  Every once in awhile you get to reinvent yourself.  Downside: every once in awhile you HAVE to reinvent yourself.

I still love my Grand Adventure post from two years ago. I wrote that right after we were really really hopeful about a job opportunity for Chris, and it just didn’t happen the way we wanted. We’re still alive, and doors keep opening and shutting in front of us. Opening just enough for us to see through, and then shutting as soon as we are about to go through them…


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  1. Lol, I definitely thought, at first, “she’s pregnant?” when I read through that paragraph before your clarification. Can’t wait to hear what the news is! I know how you feel about doors slightly opening and then closing. It can be frustrating and deflating. I guess it’s a part of life…
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