Thoughts on students and my cat’s twin

You may recall we have moved recently.  I teach out of my house a couple of days, and the younger kids are always most interested in the changes. 

For instance, we are renting a single family home that used to be a duplex—only the thing is, because of some city law, the duplex doors must remain.  So we have two front doors.  The students are FASCINATED by this, and often try to come in and go out a different door each time.

The other day one of my students wanted to wash his hands.  I took him down the hall to the bathroom, and he needed help turning the faucet on (a bit too high for little people).  As he was washing he looks around and then says, "It seems you don’t live here alone."  He seemed really disappointed when I said, "why, yes, I live with my husband."  I’m guessing he was hoping I would say, "why, you are correct, I live here with my five year old son who wants to go play with you rather than learn the violin!  Why don’t you do that for the next 30 minutes?" 

On the way out, this same student looked into our {rather empty as we haven’t yet found a dining room table we like} front room and asked, "Why don’t you have any furniture?"

Funny student stories aren’t limited to my home students though.  My school students are equally entertaining.

The other day at my school one of my students came in and said "You look really pale."

Other students always like to comment on my makeup, or if I have something weird (like a large zit) happening on my face, or if my nose is red.  I also get lots of comments on my shoes or my outfits generally, or on my hands (fingernail biting and worse…"Why does somebody so pretty have such ugly hands?" a small child once queried).  I think what’s most fun about the kids is that they will just ask a question when they think of it rather than worry about the politeness of it—and I do my best to answer.  I imagine if they asked something that was really inappropriate I’d let them know, but usually it’s a perfectly good question:  "Did you know you have a brown stain on your nose?" while drinking coffee for instance…it’s nice that SOMEONE is willing to point these things out!

What is that cat-shaped blob in the corner?

My friend Valentina posted these pictures on my facebook "timeline" last night.  She saw this cat while on vacation in Italy (?).  Isn’t that wild how much like my cat this one looks?  Even down to the soft rounded tummy, lighter colored paw, and sleeping ability. Thanks for sharing the photos, Valentina (hope you don’t mind I blogged them 😉 )!!  I am so delighted by this cat.

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