Three Things Thursday

1.  My car was fine from the storm.  Evidently the Piper Palm House and the Green house behind it was not 🙁   Those were some scary storms yesterday and I’m glad that it seems the biggest issue was hail damage.


2.  Today feels like Friday.  I think it’s because I didn’t teach in the morning and then I had my workout with Mike.  Usually that’s what I do on Friday.  Thursday is the new Friday.


(It’s not actually, because tomorrow I also have teaching.  But still.  Feels like it.)


3.  I wanted to share this fantastic video with my blog readers.  I shared it already on my facebook page.  It’s one of the greatest musical experiences I had all week.

Legend of Zelda melody for a cappella voices and violin

That’s it for now, dear readers!  I must teach violin at this time.

(and I’m wearing leggings today as pants.)