Thursday Again??

I feel like I just had a weekend, and now we are at the cusp of another one. It doesn’t help that I don’t necessarily work on Fridays (that is, I don’t teach on Fridays but if a job comes up, I take it) but I generally work on Saturdays. That means my weekend is Friday and Sunday, unless I have work, and then who knows. In reality, aren’t we all still recovering from Labor Day?


If you didn’t notice, I didn’t run that mud race last weekend. I decided I didn’t want to get up early to do something by myself, and I wasn’t ready anyway. I’ve been “running” more lately, but it’s really hard, and man, do I really prefer walking anyway. I don’t know what I want out of fitness, or life for that matter, but I’m just doing what I feel like right now, and it’ll all sort itself out.


I have that kind of exhausted feeling that comes with trying to do lots of different things. I’ve been hanging out friends, new and old, teaching lots of new students (new and old also!), playing lots of chamber music, and trying to keep up with all the requisite emails and phone calls that go along with being self-employed. I feel like I’m mostly dropping the ball on getting things done in a timely manner, but I finally feel like I have a handle on things enough to feel like they WILL get done, sooner or later. My current priority needs to be practicing for an upcoming sub list audition for the symphony here (just over a month) but I keep getting distracting by a thousand other things (this here blog too, but that’s just ten minutes or less a day).

My friend April brought me a fun little gift last night. I posted this video on Instagram, so I apologize for the repeat if you’ve seen it. Nothing like a fat bird to make everybody feel welcome, right?

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