Thursday already?

How is it already Thursday?  I considered making this a Catuesday post, but then I realized it was Wednesday, which makes it Whine Wednesday.  Except that’s it’s Thursday.


Guess the week is flying by!  Soon it will be ROCK AND ROLL time.

Yesterday’s run:  cold and wet.  This is why I belong to a gym.  But no, I had to be all "hard core".  Fail.


Today’s workout:  AWESOME.  I don’t know what we did.  All kinds of stuff.  Pull ups, lunges with stuff overhead, sprints, burpees, and we also argued over whether the mats in the gym are orange (me) or red (Mike).  I believe I was correct. 

Got home to this on the doorknob:


The race goes quite near my house, so they must have gone door to door and given everybody one!  Very considerate.  One thing that just occurred to me was that Jen and I probably need to leave the area by 6:30 am (road closure time) in order to GET to the race without having to drive completely out of our way.  We should be able to manage that…

Since when did leaving the house at 6:15 to run start sounding like a good idea?

Here’s hoping!  If it stays cool, it’s just a mental game for me.  Of course…that’s where I break down.

(If you’re asking yourself, what is the point of this post, you are doing the same thing I am.)

(The point is I am setting my goals for Sunday’s race.  2:30)

(and I am excited!)

(also my wedding dress came in, I need to make an appointment at the store but I want to bring a friend and scheduling is hard.)

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