Thursday teaching marathon

I made it through another Thursday!  They are getting easier…today was 7 students at the school then 5 at home.  Two cancellations today (yes, I have 14 on Thursday’s schedule.  Yes.)  Now I’m done teaching for the week, except for a teaching “interview” I have tomorrow afternoon at a school. A couple of my students really impressed me today with their practicing during the week–some practiced 5 or 6 days, yay!  A couple did none though 🙁  Perhaps someday I will have only students who practice 5 to 7 days a week…

After all that teaching I even managed to get to the gym.  I wanted to do a three mile run tonight, and I managed (wasn’t sure how I would feel as I’m still recovering from Sunday’s race).   I am  trying to run more without having to take walk breaks.  I did intervals of 9 minutes running/1 minute walking until I hit the 3 mile goal, then I walked another mile waiting for Chris to finish up.  It occurred to me last night driving home from the gym (walked 3 miles) that most folks don’t work out 6 days a week.  I didn’t until this year.  It feels great!


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