Time is running out

And so I’m too busy…I cannot add another student at my house.  I can’t remember ever being that way.  Yes, I probably COULD add another student, but seriously I would be exhausted and it would have to be an 8:00 student…which I was tempted tonight while talking to a very nice sounding young man on the phone.  Or maybe I should teach on the weekends…but I’m saving some time for some new commitments in the spring, and I can’t.  I just can’t.  But I feel bad, I feel like maybe I’ve overscheduled myself away from home and I should have focused more on simply adding to my home studio rather than trying to work outside the home.  But I can’t change anything now without disappointing a lot of people and I won’t do that.  Next year… we’ll see.  There are some things I definitely want to do, and I’ll need to remember this.  Maybe I can do three days at home next year.  Maybe not.  Maybe I’ll have to raise my rates… 😉

I can’t believe how fast my schedule filled up.

Does this mean the economy is recovering?