Time to hustle

I spent all weekend judging students for a local music festival.  Yesterday it was 8 hours and today was 4. I’m exhausted, and if I never have to write a comment again I’ll be happy. (I had to judge on a scale from 1 to 5 and give good and constructive comments.) It was neat to see so many students play, and I got to see some really great performances. And some not-as-great performances, but every student deserves accolades for putting forth the effort and giving it their best shot.

Then it was time for a run (the weather today is amazing) and then I finished our taxes. A whole day early!  It’s a lot less stressful running when you don’t have a looming half marathon. Weird, right?


My room for the weekend. I was showing off my purple Toms.IMG_5938

The fatness hates when I’m gone too long and she refused to look at me when I got home last night.


The weather today was insanely beautiful. I’m glad I was able to get a run in—it’s warm and windy, and just amazing outside. I wish it could stay like this all summer.


Lunch both days was catered by Panera. I do love their sandwiches, and I’ve discovered a new love: their peanut butter cookies. Actually, that’s not really a new love. I rarely meet a peanut butter cookie I don’t like. I’m so thankful that I don’t have a peanut allergy! One of my friends does and I feel sad for her.


I think I look funny wearing eye makeup to go run. But what do you do? I figure I’ll wash it off after when I shower. Plus it’s important to look pretty whilst running so more people honk and yell, right? Even though I like to leave a zit showing…evidently…

Things to do tomorrow: run again. Write my Go race recap—I am planning to write about my abject failure as a person and runner, and my lack of goal reaching and training and all of that. I’ve run more this week than in the 8 weeks leading up to the race. What does that tell you about me?


Fat cat wishes she had been judging the students. She loves to judge.

Our concert Friday went well. It was really well attended and a great end to the season. I am often torn about Chamber Project St Louis, because I play with them quite a bit, and always tell you guys about it, and wish them well, but I am not actually part of the group. It’s occasionally an awkward situation. I do bring a lot to the group, and will likely continue to play with them in the future, but it’s weird sometimes, promoting a group that I’m not actually a member of.

I want people to come see me play with whomever I am performing. I guess that’s what I’m trying to say. And I love performing.


Oh, and my biggest news, that I have known for awhile but haven’t been allowed to tell. The school I teach at is closing in the beginning of June. I’ve given it a lot of thought, and I’ve decided that I’m going totally private for my teaching. I’ll be taking as many students at my house as I can, and that’s a big step for me—I’ve always been afraid if I go completely private that I won’t have enough students, so I always chicken out and take a (lower-paying but more secure) school job.

While it will likely take a year or more before I’m back where I was, I think in the long run it’s the best move, and I’ll have more time AND more money, and more freedom. Freelancing is a tough business, and I’m going to have to hustle a bit more in the upcoming months, but I’ll get to where I want to be.

I’ve enjoyed my work at my current school though and I have some wonderful students. I love the high level of musicality we are encouraged to achieve with our studios, and the level of respect we all have for one another. I’ll miss many aspects of the job.


But I am looking forward to my new challenges AND already have some wonderful projects and ideas lined up. I spent the other day rehearsing a Brahms Sonata with a wonderful friend and pianist that we are playing at the Ethical Society in June, and on a full recital in the fall. We are also in talks to create a piano trio. In the past weeks I’ve realized I’m tired of playing the victim (it’s a rare role I take on, but I was doing a bit of wallowing in self-pity) and needed to get off my butt and make my life happen for me. That’s where I am right now, and I have tons of ideas!

This blog post took a little turn, honestly, I was just going to complain about being tired, but ended up spilling my guts (ha! not really) about my career. One thing I’m pretty good at is being flexible and constantly recreating myself…so this is just another chance to do the same. And I might have more time to write too 🙂

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  1. I’ve been thinking about going completely private, but have been putting it off simply b/c what I’m doing now is more stable (but of course, I know I make less than what I potentially could make working for myself). I know if I walk away from both studios I work for, I’d have to start from scratch….that’s a little scary for me right now!

    Good for you and good luck! I bet it will be amazing to not have to travel anywhere for work!!!
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    1. Yeah, it’s a little scary for me too but I figure this is the best time ever, and the idea of finding a new school to teach at made me sad. I’m hoping it pays off in the long run, and after talking with a couple older teachers who do the same thing, they agree with me, so that makes me more confident!

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