Time to relax/new clothes

I’ve been busy today–a race and two weddings. Now it’s time to relax, attend a symphony concert, and then over to a friend’s house to hang out. My race went great–I will write more about it soon, but…I improved again, 32:03 on a busy, hilly course! More about that later…

I really just wanted to say what I’m thankful for today. I continue to be thankful for many of things I’ve already listed the past two weeks–(I’ll recap in a day or two)…but something new…I’m wearing a new red sweater I got from old navy, and I am happy to be wearing it. So the verdict is: I’m happy to have a bunch of new fall clothes to wear–and thankful because I can afford them, and because I NEEDED them due to my weight loss! So I’m thankful for new fall sweaters, long sleeve shirts, and pants, and the opportunities that led me to be able to get almost an entirely new fall wardrobe 🙂

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