Times flies when you’re having fun

I feel like time is just flying by. I’ve probably said that before. We all say it. It seems like it was just Thanksgiving, and now it’s nearly spring break! (As a self-employed violin teacher, technically there isn’t a spring break, but since I teach kids and have a boyfriend who is on an academic calendar, there is a spring break.)

I guess it’s part of aging. We all feel it, we all see it. The years go by so much faster as we get older.

In any case, it means (to me at least) that my time is MORE valuable, that I must guard it and use it wisely, and plan properly. Though I read yesterday that planning fun activities takes away the fun. I don’t know if I agree with that, but maybe it’s because I mostly plan fun activities! It’s interesting though, and I wonder, how does one make time for fun activities to happen spontaneously without planning for them? (Help!)


I got a keyboard! I got it from a colleague for a good price. It’s good enough for my needs at this time, which are mostly to accompany my students in their lessons. We’ve had a lot of fun the past two days playing with it, and I’m so happy I reached out to my facebook friends about this. I posted on facebook about wanting to borrow or buy a keyboard and got many wonderful responses. The power of social media! In any case, though I’d love a real piano at some point, it just isn’t practical at this time, both in terms of space and maintenance costs (in order to accompany my students it would need to be in tune and in good condition at all times). And though I’ll probably upgrade to a larger keyboard at some point, again, this one is just perfect for now. I found a copy of Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier and have been working through those—I read a blog where the author plays one each day or week or something, and it sounded fun, until you get to the third one which is in C sharp major and my brain might have literally exploded.

This week has been pretty relaxing. I’ve spent hours practicing both violin and keyboard, and have been able to stay on top of my to do list pretty well. Yesterday Louie and I popped into the Art Museum during the day for lunch and to see some art, and it was a really nice diversion. Sometimes I feel stressed out trying to relax during the day (if that makes sense…it’s hard to relax, even when you know you have enough time to do so) but I think doing that sort of thing could be really nice in the future. The lunch was nice too, and we split a cupcake from Jilly’s Bakery.


I love looking at the decorative furniture, vases, platters, lamps and such at the Art Museum. Wouldn’t this stained glass look nice in my home?


Anyway, today is a light (ish) teaching day, and then I have two days off. Tomorrow I’ll be running the St Patrick’s Day Race downtown with my friend April (shout out! do I have to say my friend April, I’ve mentioned her enough here that I probably don’t, but whatever, in case you say, huh, who’s that?) and then Louie and I have a short list of things to do around the house (donate some more junk, make a staircase out of cardboard boxes for Chloe) and maybe we’ll see a movie or something crazy like that.  Suggestions? Didn’t we just have a weekend? Or did I work three straight weeks? I can’t even remember anymore… Smile