Tired just thinking about it

It is hilarious to me that I tend to get up earlier on the weekends than during the week.  And for things like races and brunch.

Today’s blog will be a series of instagram pictures summing up my weekend so far…

Friday night:


Benny was super fussy all evening.  We all tried everything we could think of but nothing seemed to work for more than two or three minutes at a time.


More detailed race recap to come.  "Remembering the 80’s 5K" and yes, that is a pretzel around my neck.


Then rehearsal with the Symphony. 


A wedding at St. Cecilia’s Church.  It was fun being all the way up in the organ loft.


And dinner at Yemanja Brasil with my friend Sarah.  This was a special appetizer, ceviche, and it was delicious.  I love seafood so much.

Now it’s time to walk a friend’s dog (well, with Chris), brunch with friends, a student performance at the Sheldon Concert Hall, and a photo shoot in Forest Park for a group I’m joining.  It’s been a wonderful and busy weekend, and honestly I’m ready to just be done and spend the evening relaxing.  When all is said and done we are planning to make burgers on the grill and rent a movie.  Whew!  (Tomorrow’s not Monday already, is it?)

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