I’m tired.  I’m definitely going to bed early tonight.

I had an exhausting (though very exciting) weekend.  For those of you who are behind on my blog (or living under a rock), I got engaged!

I’ve had 9 hours of opera rehearsal so far.  La Traviata is going well.  The St. Louis Woman’s Club is a lovely venue.  Perhaps a good place to get married? 

I didn’t do too many (none, actually) workouts over the weekend so it was great to get back to the gym today and run then workout with Mike.  He was girlishly excited that I had gotten engaged.  I feel silly getting so much attention…but I guess it’s nice…and well-deserved?

I made a new recipe tonight—Spicy Sweet Potato Wedges.  They were tasty, but I don’t think I cooked them as long as I should have.  The 500 degree temperature frightened me.  I do like sweet potatoes though.

I had lunch at a new (to me) restaurant today—Nora’s in Dogtown.  It was great—I had a pork/applesauce/brie sandwich (“For Pete’s Sake”)with tomato basil bisque soup.  Delicious.

Now to watch a show or two on tv and then rest up for a long day of teaching and more opera tomorrow. 

(Last note:  the students loved their Valentine’s cookies yesterday.)