I am so thankful for my Tivo!  I am rarely home or available to watch my favorite shows when they come on…but my tivo records them for me to watch later.  The other best part is that I don’t have to pay attention when a show comes on–my tivo records it anyway.  Tonight it recorded a cool show I watched over the summer, “Human Target.”  I love action/spy shows–Burn Notice, Covert Affairs, Alias, etc.  And my tivo will record them all for me!  (Okay, not Alias, because that ended…but you get the point 😉  ) I never have to worry about forgetting to set the VCR.

(Yes, I’m tired.  But I do love my tivo, seriously! )

(P.S.  Jillian’s 30 day shred level 1 was pretty good–I sweated a lot and my legs/shoulders burned!  I’ll do it again a few times before moving to level 2.  Wish it were longer though…)