Toenail Part the Second

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away, I used to be a runner.

And when I was, long time readers will recall, perhaps reluctantly, that I once lost a big toenail.


What I didn’t mention on my blog was that my OTHER big toenail also had something weird going on with it. It had been partly black, but I was never able to get the nail off. After worrying about it for awhile, I finally decided that I would just give up and ignore it and hope that someday it would be normal again.

Saturday after I showered I happened to look at my toenail (imagine me sprawled out on the couch watching Breaking Bad or How I Met Your Mother on Netflix, and randomly inspecting my toes) and realized that it was loose. I pulled on it and VOILA!


A big part of it came off! BUT underneath…was a brand new nail.


You can see where the toe went together the last time I got a pedicure (badly needed at this time, I apologize)…how cool is that? Now both my big toenails are basically okay! (The side of this one is still a little discolored, but I’m going to continue ignoring it.)

After this I naturally texted these pictures to my best friends. Most people were pretty grossed out (you’re welcome) but my friend Sarah made a meme of it.


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  1. Mine did the same thing!! Sort of…but it took forever for the bit to fall off and I also had this weird toenail fungus. Man, running can do disgusting things to your feet.
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