Tomorrow: Wedding dress shopping part the second

I have two appointments tomorrow for wedding dress shopping.  I’m sure it will be grand! 

Last night we went to the Cardinals game.  Joe and Michelle got the tickets. 

IMG_0328 IMG_0329

IMG_0330 IMG_0331

Incredibly flattering photographs of me!  Anyway, those were our seats—it was in a section of the stadium I’d never sat in, called the "left field porch" or I guess more appropriately the "left field party porch." 

The game started poorly (the Reds were up 8-0 at one point) but the Cards came back and eventually tied the game.  It went into extra innings, and we actually had to leave (work night for some people), but caught the end of the game at home.  The Cardinals unfortunately lost, but at least it wasn’t super embarrassing. 

IMG_0332 IMG_0336

 IMG_0337 IMG_0344

I was good and didn’t eat any of that junk.  I just photographed it for blackmail purposes.

Anyway, we had a great time—the chairs even had cushions on them!

Today I had a workout with Mike, met with another florist, and (gasp) taught a few students.  Tomorrow my parents are coming to visit.  They are actually driving up from SC right now.  They’ll be here over the weekend, and it’s the first time they’ve come to visit, so there should be lots to do.  If I don’t blog over the next couple of days, that’s why! 

Wish me luck tomorrow!  Ideally I’ll find my dress.

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