Too Many Friends

Does anyone else have this problem?  It’s a wonderful problem to have, but still a problem.  You feel like you’re too busy with work and other stuff (you know, working out, taking pictures of your cat) to meet up with your friends, and when you do, you have a great time, and you say, gosh, we should do this more often! and then weeks go by again.

(FYI: I’m going to intersperse random photos I’ve saved to share with you into my blog post today.  I’m feeling super random, so you’ll have to spare me and you know, get over it.)journey

I’ve been overwhelmed this week.  It’s the last week of teaching before “vacation” (which officially isn’t until about the 29th for me as next week is chock-full of gigs) and that’s fine, but then I have been packing all kinds of extra stuff in and I don’t even know where the week went!


Let’s see, I’ve been teaching, practicing, figuring out last minute Christmas presents, trying to hang out with friends who are going out of town, figuring out our anniversary trip (Chicago! Need more restaurants suggestions and don’t say “The Girl and the Goat” because it is booked up), working out, acting as virtual virtual coach for Rose, baking, eating, and reading a bunch.  Basically nothing really important and just procrastinating a lot–I’m only “busy” in that normally I don’t do anything 3 pm and this week has been different 😉


(You can read Rose’s blog post on my virtual virtual coaching of her.  Nutshell:  she owes me $1.99.  Longer story:  we’re failing pretty hard at her training plan and we keep rationalizing it.  I blame her for accepting running advice from me.)


Oh, and this morning I played assistant to Sarah Crowder for a video shoot.  It was great fun and I will share the video with you when it comes out!


Oh wait, that picture is related…shoot.

I just found this on facebook.  I’m very delighted by it.

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  1. I’m not sure what some of the stuff you’re talking about but yes…I know the too many friends feeling. I finally had to give some No’s so I could have some down time over the holidays.

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