Last night was scary. I was teaching at the school, in Creve Couer, and the tornado sirens went off. My room doesn’t have any windows (and the school doesn’t have a basement) so we just kept going, but then the sirens went off again (I think), the lights were flickering, and the rain was awful sounding on the roof, so we all quit teaching and moved into a room more in the middle of the building. We didn’t really know what to do. It was me, two other teachers, our students and their moms. We waited about twenty minutes until the storm subsided. What a night!

It turned out that tornadoes did touch down in Hazelwood (near the airport in St Louis) and there were rumors in other areas, but I guess that was just strong winds? I don’t get scared too often, but I was scared then. I feel like the storms just keep getting worse, or maybe I’m just not from here enough…I dunno.


I’ll just say it was really nice to get home after work and be safe and sound in my home, with Chris and the fatness. Even though she’s judging me in this picture.

I was eating dinner while watching Psych. There was a scene in the episode where the string quartet playing at a wedding suddenly pulls out guns and shoots the “bad guys”. Note to readers: when I play for a wedding I am unarmed.

Speaking of, I’ve been booking a few more weddings lately. I do love playing for weddings—if you are in the area and need a group of strings or a violinist, don’t hesitate to contact me! I’m also accepting new violin students.

And tomorrow night is the Chamber Project St Louis concert! Ticket sales are going well—but there are still tickets available!

IMG_5910 IMG_5914

Wish me luck!

And yes, I will tell you about the race the other week soon. It’ll be phenomenal.

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  1. Now that I play violin (sort of), it bothers me to watch people on TV and in movies faking it. I saw ‘A Late Quartet’ a couple weeks ago – Philip Seymour Hoffman’s bow hand looked alright, and Christopher Walken did a decent simulation of vibrato on the cello – but it was still pretty annoying.

    1. I’ve heard that one is really bad for the pretend playing, which is sad, because PSH and Walken are such amazing actors!

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