Tough workout

Today in my workout with Mike he really pushed me.  He told me he had decided ahead of time to make me work really hard rather than us just standing around chatting between reps.  This meant lots of sprinting. 

It turns out I can run over 9 mph for about 20 seconds.  Afterwards I thought I was going to either pass out or throw up for the next ten to fifteen minutes.  But nonetheless, I ran for 20 seconds over 9 mph.

The faster I run, the better my form is, evidently.


If I keep this up I’ll be having lots more pictures in the air.

In other gym news, there’s a really tall middle aged man who calls me "shortie".  I find it hilarious.  He tends to workout when I am there and says "Hey, shortie, how’s it going?" every time.  Mike didn’t understand it, but today the man came over to explain, it’s because I’m short in comparison to him.  I had explained this to Mike previously, but now he really understands.  (If you don’t know me in real life, you should know that I am 5’11", pretty tall for a woman.)

I feel like a true gym rat now that I have a nickname!

Next step:  friends.

Funny Confession Ecard: My hardest workout is trying not to look bored while you tell me about your workout.

2 thoughts on “Tough workout”

  1. Nicknames > friends

    I read that somewhere, I think. As a 6’1″ lady myself, I feel comfortable calling you shortie already. Or shawty. Unless that term isn’t cool, at which point: shortie it is.

  2. It starts with 9mph for 20 seconds. And then it gets longer and longer until you’re doing 10mph for a full minute. And then you’ll poop your pants with joy.

    I have nicknames for other people at the gym. I’m sure my nickname is “the girl who talks about shitting her pants and porn”.

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