Tuesday night randomness

Just a couple random thoughts:

I have now taught over 20 new students in the past week.  I used to get nervous about new students.  Not anymore!  I guess experience is the key 😉

I ran three miles today–still not all in a row (meaning I take walk breaks) but it was easy.  I could have gone longer.  Which is good…as my half marathon is looming.  Due to various things (vacation, illness) I am behind on my training.  My goal is to finish, that is all.  I’ve only been running since May or June, so this will be an awesome accomplishment.

Sometimes my cat is so cute she makes me cry!

I got our waterproof camera photos back today (from the cruise).  Some of the pictures are great!  I will be posting them soon, just not tonight.  Too tired to deal with it.

I found out one of my students and his family are going on a cruise in November.  It’s a NCL cruise with a very similar itinerary to mine.  SO JEALOUS!  I know they will have a fantastic time.