Tuesday night thankfulness

I realized that I hadn’t posted today’s “What I’m thankful for Today” post yet.  (Department of Redundancy Department?)

*ponders day*

I slept in, worked out with Mike (my trainer if you are new), grocery shopped, talked to a friend on the phone, taught ONE student, went to the gym again to run 4 miles, and now I’m winding down.  What am I thankful for?  Days off work!  I’m thankful for relaxing days like today where I have very few commitments on my time.  This sort of day allows me to catch up on errands and emails, relax, shop, unwind, get lots of good exercise, practice, whatever I want.  I’m very thankful for days off!  (My next one isn’t until next Tuesday, so…I’ll be thankful again then but have to come up with something new…)