Turkey Trot

I wanted to elaborate just a wee bit more on yesterday’s turkey trot.  (Here’s my Thanksgiving post, such a wonderful day!)

Jen and I decided to run the Kirkwood/Webster Groves Turkey Day Run.  There was a 3 mile and 6 mile option.  The 3 mile started at 7:30, the 6 at 8:10.  The odd thing was that the website said that “walkers should do the 3 mile option, as there would be no course support after 9 am.”  Um, okay.  We’re not walkers, but that doesn’t mean we can run 6 miles in 50 minutes.  We figured, worst case, we’ll finish the race without support.  The main goal was to get a great run in before eating a huge dinner.


We got a nice running hat for signing up!  It’s a nice change (again) from a shirt.

Anyway, it was easy to find parking near the start.  We arrived right after the 3 mile race started, and we got to watch the winners come through.  The announcer was a little annoying as he implied that taking 20 minutes to run 3 miles was SLOW…but that’s okay.

The course was incredibly hilly.  It was always going up a hill or down a hill and rarely was the course flat for any period of time.  It was an out and back, for the most part, so every time we ran down a hill we knew we’d have to run back up.  Jen and I ran together for most of the race until perhaps the last 1/2 mile when she decided to go on ahead.  I kicked it up a notch as well and passed a bunch of people at the end.  Maybe we should have been running a little faster throughout, but my legs were so tired.

One note:  at one point we turned around and saw there was perhaps 10 to 20 people behind us, followed by a cop car, driving slowly with it’s sirens on.  We thought that must be the end of course support…and perhaps the race as well?  I’ve never been so near the end of a race!  I guess the super slow people ran the 3 mile.

I finished in 1:04:41.  (That’s the correct time, not the earlier one.  Must have been tired!).  I was 1046 out of 1123, so I’m thinking that cop car couldn’t have been behind everyone, I didn’t think there were that many folks behind me.  I don’t know though, maybe I passed a ton of people at the end?

On the way home we stopped at a Dunkin Donuts to use the bathroom and we may have bought a few donuts.  Oops 😉

Note on the Marathon Relay from last weekend:  The official time was 3:50:25!  We were in 66th place out of 86.  Not last either…and a better marathon time than our fastest runner had run on her own.

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    1. Don’t have a 10k on the horizon…but thanks 🙂 My trainer told me that I can run faster than that. He may have entirely missed the point (and now I hate him more than ever.)

  1. whoa, they were expecting all runners to run an 8:00 minute pace!? How rude! Way to get 64 minutes of running in on a week known for gluttony and couch sitting.

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