Two down, one to go!

It’s a three wedding day.  I have done two so far, and I took some neat pictures that I wanted to share.  I have an HTC Hero and have recently been messing around with some camera “apps.”


Butterfly House in Faust Park


The first wedding was outdoors.  Originally they set us up in the sun next to a bunch of flowers, which were buzzing with bees.  We moved to get a bit further from the bees (imagine that!  Not wanting to play for over an hour next to a large amount of bees.)

The second wedding was at St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Soulard.  When we got close, we saw that it was a gorgeous old church. I tried a few different camera settings for fun.

My friend Ranya actually took this one, and I love it!


This was the "Polaroid" setting.



Inside the church, using the "retro camera" app.


My next wedding is outdoors in Clayton at the Artist’s Guild.  I am playing for a student (and friend)’s wedding and am looking forward to it!  The weather should be just perfect, and we are staying for dinner of course.  It should be a nice evening.