Vega Nutritional Shake Review

About two weeks ago I blogged about Vega Protein Powder. I was given some free samples by the company of their all-in-one nutritional shake powder in addition to being given a link so that my readers could get their own samples.


I hadn’t tried any yet at that point, but I’m new to this whole reviewing products thing and I was feeling pressure from the company to provide that link to my readers for free samples.  And I didn’t die, so if the link is still good, hey, knock yourself out.  I’m just going to say that Vega and I did not get along.  I tried it two or three different times, a couple of different flavors.  Chocolate was okay flavored as was vanilla flavored.  The berry flavor was pretty disgusting. 

The real problem however, was the, shall we say, digestive issues.  The first time I thought it was just me, as I’m a bit lactose intolerant and sometimes that sneaks up on me.  The second time I was still not convinced of the cause of the problem, but by the third day of having to visit the bathroom approximately 3 extra times before finally being able to get on with my day, I knew the only commonality was the powder.  That could be just me, of course (I am simply sharing MY experience here, and I am not a doctor), but since I was ambivalent about the flavor as well…it just doesn’t make sense for me as a product. 

I was hesitant to write this review at all, because I am not usually one to discuss my intestines and whatnot on the blog.  Of course I talk about that sort of thing with my friends all the time (not really, but occasionally of course) but I’m not used to blathering it all over the internet, BUT if you are to trust anything I say, then I need to be honest and occasionally give a bad or less than positive review of a product.  And I wanted to like the product, I really did.  With a vegan sister (I have two sisters, Leslie and my vegan sister Carrie, which is absolutely how everybody should refer to her) I wanted to like a vegan product.  And like I said, maybe it will work for you! (Follow this link to get a free sample.)  For now though, I’ll stick to my usual animal product filled protein powder.

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  1. Haven’t tried Vega yet…..but there cannot be any casein/lactose anything in it-since it’s Vegan. 🙂 But lots of times, when people who are not used to eating a ton of fruits/veggies/whole grains (like those being 90 percent of diet), take this kind of stuff-some digestive adjustments may occur. Have found the PlantFusion to be great, and it is gluten free, soy free, and is not based on “rice protein”. Rice Protein is fine, but since there is some arsenic in certain types of rice, you just have to ask the companies if they test for that sort of thing. However, there is a LOT more arsenic in animal products… if you want to kill your husband ladies……..ha ha. Sunwarrior is another one peeps use. The reason I don’t use casein (other than that I am an animal lover) is that it causes cancer. And that’s not from some radical activist peeps, just something that isn’t widely advertised, as the Dairy industry is part of the government. But pick up The China Study and there are a lot of stats……..a very direct correlation to cancer from casein. Also even things like Diabetes Type 1 !!, Heart Disease, Osteoporosis, etc……Since I have lost so many friends to cancer, I kind of look at milk and dairy like smoking. Just couldn’t do it without actually feeling a massive lump in my tit. Oh, and I love animals!! 🙂

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