Very excited for the Hobbit



This is either me really excited about the Hobbit, OR somebody just tried to take the one ring from me and my eyes bugged out and I went crazy.  No seriously, I’ve been chugging coffee all day in order to be awake and alert for the midnight showing of the Hobbit tonight.  Yeah.  I’m old…midnight is really late these days.

We have Red Bull in the fridge.

I do believe the last midnight movie I went to was Return of the King.  So it’s been awhile.  That was a great show…but I recall being SO tired by the end.  Then again, didn’t the movie last approximately five hours and fade to black countless times?  I presume tonight’s show will be less cheesy and shorter? (There’s probably a way to find out how long, but I’d rather be surprised.) (I’m pretty sure we went to the show after an Akron Symphony rehearsal.  Anybody able to back me up on that? I don’t have my calendar from 2003 handy…

Last night we met up with our Canadian friends Vanessa and Russell at Sasha’s on Demun.  Russell is a great jazz trumpeter and he sat in with the band there a bit.  I may be biased AND know nothing about jazz trumpet, but he sounded great.  Chris knows much more about jazz and he also thought Russell was awesome, so there’s that.



Chris and Russell.  One of the greatest pictures ever!


I look like I have lazy eye here.  Vanessa got a great haircut!


We tried to make our own flower photo, but failed in a variety of ways.  I blamed the photographer, but he didn’t think that was fair…it may be more than I had too much wine before the photo taking sessions happened? 😉

stuffed santa

One of my students brought me this yesterday.  She said it was a gift, but she also said I needed to hang it on the cabinet in my room.

holiday darth vader

I found this at Target today.  Chris was thrilled when I showed him.  It’s a Bobble head “Holiday Darth Vader”. I misspelled Vader on instagram today and I think he is considering leaving me.  Or making me watch all the Star Wars movies again.  I’m not sure. He was definitely embarrassed to be married to me.

foam rolling

Look, I’m foam rolling.  And yeah.  Grey.  Also my thigh looks weird and gigantic.  Hmm.  But there’s the proof (#proof?) that I’m continuing to foam roll, so I’m leaving it up there.  It’s hard to take a self foam rolling portrait.

Okay, other blog happenings, if you are behind:

Two book giveaways (seriously, enter if you like to read, I don’t sell your email or anything, and there’s no obligation):

The Painted Bridge

Hot Chocolate

And, if you haven’t checked out my sister Carrie’s kickstarter campaign to help fund her quartet’s trip to Norway to study and increase their exposure, please do!  I wrote a blog post about it, or you can click here to go directly to it.  She’s pretty awesome.  (In fact, she is the best thing that ever happened to us!)

Anyway else going to see the Hobbit tonight?  I’d bold this question, but I saw Rose do that earlier today and I figured I’d be different than the rest of the internet.  You’re smart enough to figure it out right? ANSWER IN THE COMMENTS PLEASE! OR COMMENT ON MY PICTURES.

(It’s a fine line between mocking other bloggers and being exactly like them.  I try to walk that line, but I know I err on the side of generic narcissist rather than being unique.)

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