Violin Mojo?

So if I’ve got my running mojo back does that mean I have lost my violin mojo?  (reference:  violin is easy, running is hard.)

Well…my violin has been in the shop for the past week.  I do know it won’t take two weeks to get back into shape, in fact, I plan to practice as soon as I get it back.  I have some fun performances coming up and need to learn some music!  (They are listed further down the page, come out and see!)

I didn’t run this morning.  I keep planning to run Wednesday mornings and I keep postponing that run until Thursday morning.  This morning I realized I had done that for four weeks in a row and I simply needed to embrace it, and change it on my calendar.  Done!  So instead of running, I’m blogging, doing a facemask, and getting some business related work done and stuff around the house.  Not a bad morning anyway.

I had a mini-meltdown yesterday regarding the fact that I still haven’t lost any of my holiday/honeymoon weight.  After about an hour, it occurred to me that I have (fairly?) successfully quit biting my fingernails.  I haven’t bitten them since I got my nails done on December 31.  I am still biting my fingers, but not my nails.  This is HUGE and the most success I’ve had in trying to quit in well…ever.  So maybe I need to cut myself a little slack.  Besides which, now that I’ve pinpointed the source of my troubles, I think I am better able to go forward from here on out.  No, Hannah, you aren’t hungry, you are just hungry for fingernails!  Suck it up.  (Gross, right?)


My gorgeous wedding nails.

Interesting fact (for some of you, some of you know this all too well):  violinists cannot play with long nails.  I have to keep my nails on my left hand short enough so that I can press down on my fingertip without hitting my nail on the surface.  My right hand nails can be a little longer (I am just holding the bow with that hand) but I don’t want to look weird, plus they still can’t be that long.  So having long beautiful nails is just not an option except for a period of time when I am not playing the violin—for instance my wedding and subsequent honeymoon (did you know I got married recently?).

I also take my violin playing into account with the clothes I buy and the earrings I wear.  I want to be able to play the violin in my clothes, therefore clothing with something bulky (a bow, buttons) on the left shoulder won’t work.  I can’t play with dangling earrings either, so I save those for non-violin times or I have to remove the left one when I play.  Bulky turtlenecks and short skirts are out as well.

So, all that being said—let me give you a quick run down on my upcoming performances in case you are interested in attending!

Upcoming Performances:

Winter Opera St Louis, March 2 at 8:00 pm and March 4 at 3:00 pm

Chamber Project St Louis, March 25 at 8:00 pm

Performing with the Presbyterian College Orchestra, (Clinton, South Carolina) April 3 at 8:00 pm

Chamber Project St Louis, April 13 at 8:00 pm

I would especially recommend the April CPSTL concert as my husband Chris is going to be playing as well!  Local readers, you should come see us play.  Any questions, feel free to contact me via email, twitter, or facebook!


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  1. I used to bite my nails until they bled.

    I spent one summer painting my nails every day. EVERY DAY. That was the summer I finally stopped biting my nails.

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