Violin photos

Another marathon teaching day is completed!  Man, Thursdays are a killer…today was 12 students out of a possible 14.

During one of my breaks I decided to have a little fun with my violin and my camera apps on the phone.  Here’s some of my favorites–what do you think?  Does anyone have a preference…please comment!

Option 1


Option 2

Option 3


And even though I know I am really behind on the “warhol” idea, this next one is pretty neat, I think!

Yes, I was bored.  I ended up with an hour of free time I hadn’t anticipated, and had already done enough practice for the time being.

I ran 3 miles tonight after all that…I am trying to a) run a little faster and b) keep running longer.  I seem to be doing okay at both goals–I am trying to be careful as I don’t want to injure myself by doing too much too fast.  Hmm…sounds just like a musician, huh?  I think running and practicing violin have a lot in common, both require time and discipline, and are (in my opinion) best done alone.  (I know some people enjoy running in groups, but I don’t want to).

Tomorrow…no students, just a wedding!  Gotta love Fridays 🙂  (Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy teaching…I just enjoy free time more!)