Visiting my sister and brother-in-law

I’m in Phoenix, ostensibly to run the P.F. Chang’s Rock and Rock Half Marathon, but really for an excellent excuse to visit my sister Leslie and my (fairly new) brother-in-law Peter.  (They got married in October.)


I’ve decided that January is definitely the best time to visit Phoenix.  This is (I think) my third visit to Phoenix in January.  A quick search of my Gmail tells me I visited in January of 2005. (That seems so long ago…) If I recall it was cold and rainy that visit, which wasn’t amazing, though still better than Cleveland weather, I’m sure (where I lived at the time.) 

Leslie and Peter had a rehearsal this morning so I’m on my own, hence writing this post.  I mentioned I might blog while they were gone and Peter was a little concerned about his privacy.  Hopefully I haven’t crossed any lines!


Leslie has her own cat so I don’t feel TOO homesick.  It helps that Chris sends videos and pictures throughout the day…


Question:  Would anyone be interested in seeing videos of the cat?  I have heard from my readers that many think I post too many cat pictures and others think I don’t post enough…

Interesting fact: Leslie lived in the same apartment complex in 2005 that she does now—since then she lived in two other places, before ending up where she is now.  One of those places had a cool spiral staircase.  I like the place now because it has a guest room with bathroom!

Fortuitously Leslie and Peter got their wedding pictures back on the same day as my visit!  It was so fun to go through the albums (online) sitting right next to Leslie. Yes, I took pictures OF the computer screen.


This is possibly the greatest picture of me ever.  Note the serious look on my face as we were signing the marriage certificate.  Weddings are serious business,.


I look SO much taller than my sisters.  I’m assuming it was the giant bump in my hair?  I like this picture because Carrie (in blue) is laughing, I’m laughing at her, and Leslie is smiling like a normal person.  (Perhaps weddings aren’t actually serious business?  I’m so confused!)

Leslie and I have decided we are going to work together over the next few days to make a really nice recap of her wedding complete with professional photos for you!  So please stay tuned.



Did I ever show you guys the Christmas Card my parents sent out?  I think my mother was a little bit proud of the fact that two of her daughters got married in 2012 🙂 


This was from the wedding gift we sent them—it was a blender.  Can anybody tell me in the comments what that refers to?

On the docket for today:  practicing (people have rehearsal this morning, the horror!), Mexican food (the best reason to visit!), and the race expo.  The sun is shining and my phone tells me it is 59 degrees outside.  What a perfect day!

Oh, can anyone spot the difference between these two photos?  Leslie and I had a hard time at first.  My mother posted them both on facebook and we couldn’t figure out why she posted both of them.  We spent a fair amount of time analyzing the subtle differences—for instance, my arm is more bent in the first picture, and my brother is further away from my Dad in the second…and then we realized the difference was a bit more than that.  Do you see it?

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Any readers running Rock and Roll Arizona this weekend?

5 thoughts on “Visiting my sister and brother-in-law”

  1. Rehearsing? Is your sister a musician too?


    You AND your sister got married in the same year? You are so mean to your family!!! hehe (Unless you got a good deal…)

    I was going to say your flowers are lower and then the big black PERSON jumped out at me in the second one.

    My friend Beth is also running Phoenix! I’m sure you’ll see her…

    1. Yes, she’s also a violinist!

      I’m older, and I set the date first–so…that’s not my problem 😉 I think my parents loved it, honestly.
      And yeah…there was an extra person in the second picture. My sister’s husband…and she didn’t notice either, at first. We are stupid!

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