Vue Aérienne


The fatness, from above.  I was standing on a ladder for this picture, otherwise I couldn’t get her to fit into the frame.

Paris is so almost happening.  I am THRILLED.  And nervous, and worried I’ll forget all kinds of important stuff, and stressed about organizing all my teaching for when I get back, but EXCITED mostly.  I keep pinching myself because I can’t believe I’m really going.

Chris is in Berlin now.  Yesterday the symphony had their concert in London, today is Berlin, tomorrow is Luzerne, and Friday is Paris and I’LL BE THERE (I actually arrive in Paris before the symphony does.) Then we have a week for sightseeing and being generally French and whatnot.  We’ve rented an apartment for the week (after the first night where we’ll be staying in the Symphony hotel) and should really start to blend in with the locals within a day or two.

I don’t plan to blog while I’m gone but you just never know.  You can bet I’ll be taking tons of pictures and having a wonderful time eating cheese and bread, and drinking wine, and I’ll tell you all about when I return!

Oh, and I signed up for my first marathon yesterday.  The Go St Louis Marathon in April.  My sister Leslie is doing it too—what better way to counter what are surely to be the post wedding planning blues than by training hard for a marathon?

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