Weak wrists

I’m feeling old and whiny tonight.  I’m tired, I am still annoyed at this morning’s classes, and I have some aches and pains.

My wrist still hurts and now I have a bit of a blister on the bottom of my foot from today’s run. 

Foot: I’m thinking either I need to retire my blue Mizuno shoes OR switch to a different sock.  I have been wearing cotton (the horrors!) socks, and I noticed today’s pair was a bit stretched out as well, but I couldn’t do anything about it as I was changing at the gym.  I have a few pairs of synthetic socks, but I’m not a huge fan of any I have as they seem to slide around.  Maybe I should keep trying.  Suggestions?  As far as the shoes go, I have another pair.  I also plan to take my old shoes back to the running store and make sure my shoe is still the best one for me—my feet were pretty sore by the end of the half-marathon, but that’s probably normal, right?

Wrist:  I don’t know why it’s bothering me now…I haven’t been playing {violin} enough to cause problems. 

I have a history of problems with this wrist, starting back in, oh, 1991?  And on and off, ever since, particularly freshman year of college and while I was in the Charlotte Symphony.  I’ve been diagnosed with bursitis, tendonitis, and general overuse. Violin playing (for me, and many others) is fraught with injuries.  My right wrist is my biggest weakness, though by no means my only trouble zone.

However, I haven’t had any real problems with this wrist in several years, so I hadn’t thought about it until the other week when I woke up with pain in my wrist.  I thought maybe I had slept on it funny, so I ignored it for a few days.  I don’t know what caused it, but I do know what I should do.

Rest.  I’ll just have to be extra careful for a few weeks, at least.  That probably means no burpees.  OH NO!  (burpees are a torturous move incorporating an up-down, push-up, and a jump.  Mike loves them.  That is, he loves making me do them.  I can’t speak for his own workout regime.)  Stupid weak wrists.  I’ve also slept in my wrist brace for two nights, and I’ll continue that again tonight and probably for a few more days or longer. 

Lucky I “just” teach now, and don’t have to play violin for a living.  Winking smile  Small victories, right?